About Kathleen

Meet Kathleen Peddicord
Founder and Publisher, Live and Invest Overseas

For more than 22 years, Kathleen was Editor and Publisher of International Living. In 2007, she decided to take a break, during which she did two things. First, Kathleen began work to launch a new publishing group, Live and Invest Overseas, and a new free e-letter service, the Overseas Opportunity Letter.

In addition, during her recent sabbatical, Kathleen and her husband, Lief Simon, made an important geographic decision. Specifically, they decided to make a third international move with their family and Kathleen’s new business. In the summer of 2008, Kathleen moved from Paris to Panama City, where they’re currently living and operating the Live and Invest Overseas business.

Frankly, Kathleen is better qualified to cover the Live and Invest Overseas beat than anyone else you’ll find. She has been researching, writing, speaking, and presenting on these topics for more than a quarter-century. She has moved children, staff, enterprises, household goods, and pets from the East Coast of the United States first to Waterford, Ireland, then, seven years later, to Paris, France, and, most recently, to Panama.

Kathleen has traveled to more than 50 countries, invested in real estate in 17, established businesses in 7, and renovated properties in 6. She has written innumerable books, reports, and essays on why and how you might want to do the same, and she has appeared often at conferences (including the AARP National Convention) and on television and radio detailing the opportunities for living, retiring, and investing around the world.

Kathleen writes daily to readers of her Overseas Opportunity Letter. If you aren’t already a reader, become one here now.